Capella to Dingo QLD

After leaving Rubyvale we headed north to Capella and had a wander around the small town before heading south east towards Middlemount, one of the mining towns around. I was looking for a campsite preferably near a river or creek but with so many mines in the area anything that looked half decent was a no go zone. Finally hit the Fitzroy Development Road and headed south towards Dingo.

I found a camp area beside the road but there was a dirt road “No Through Road” off to the side so decided to go down there looking to see if we could get close to the Mackenzie River, finally found a top spot which looked a bit like an old quarry overlooking a couple of dams. It was an idyllic stop and quite secluded apart from the farms along the roadside. I knew the dam would be on private property but thought the quarry would be “public space”. Anyways we set up camp and with plenty of wood about we had a fire each night. We saw the adjacent farmer coming and going each day on his quad. The second evening he came up to us. He was friendly enough but said we were on his land and we could stay that night but could we leave the next morning. He said he didn’t mind campers but his house was just over the hill at the back of us (out of view) but as his wife was home alone most of the day she was a bit unnerved with strangers around. He was really on fire a chat and was very kind to let us stay the extra night. I scrawled a “Thank You Scott” in the dirt when we left the next morning.

Scott told us of a great spot next to a small weir just a few km up the road. If we hadn’t been told about how to find it we would have just driven straight past. We turned down the track and found the place which was really great next to the weir. We had the place to ourselves. Local knowledge is always good to tap into and we were only 8km from Scott’s farm.

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