Baralaba QLD

I didn’t plan on going to Baralaba but did so on a recommendation from the publican at Duaringa. We planned on stopping at the RV Stop on the highway and whilst going for a drive around town before setting up decided to call into the pub to make sure they were open for dinner that evening. Chattering to the publican at the front of the Hotel, he said we could camp out the back if we wanted and then went on to say that his menu was limited because of lack of staff, meals and beer were expensive and we would be better off going down to Baralaba and camping by the river. The pub there had good meals which were cheaper as was the beer. He then showed me a trick on how to make emergency calls on your phone even when you have no signal out in the middle of nowhere by using the satellites. When I offered to buy a beer there and then to thank him for his time and honesty he told me it wasn’t necessary and to save my money. He had done a lot of travelling and was just happy to help other travellers with his knowledge. Wow!!

The riverside camp at Baralaba didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t very busy and we could have a fire there. The town was small and neat and we had a meal at the pub. It was busy and the beer was cheaper like I was told.

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