I have kept the Dream of one day becoming a Grey Nomad and travelling around Australia pretty much to myself since I first stated full time work all those years ago. I promised myself I would not leave it “too late”. But how do you know “when” is the right time.

The Clock of Life winds but once and no man has the power to say when it will stop                Neither at an early or late an hour                                                                                                                    Now is the only time we own so Live Love Lean, Toil with a will                                                             Place no faith in tomorrow for the clock may then be still

My “when” is when I am 60. Saturday 4th July 2020 to be more precise.

This Website will chronical my motivation, my planning, my implementation phases through to the actual trip.

Although I will be a solo traveller I would love for you to come along for the ride with me.



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