Mount Morgan to Rockhampton QLD

From Baralaba we cut through some back roads and then up the range to Mount Morgan.

Mount Morgan was a very interesting town. It’s an old gold mining town but it has a strange feel to it like time has stood still since the gold rush days. Some very old buildings and the streetscape was clearly geared to capitalise on its mining history. We visited the museum which was a treasure trove of interesting bits and pieces of yesteryears. Good right ups on local happenings and of course a lot of history in relation to the discover of precious metals.

After a pie from the famous Mount Morgan Bakery we headed down the mountain to stop at Bouldercombe for a couple of nights. A great little low cost camp here with an interesting character in Len as the volunteer camp host. The camp area is actually part of the land behind the Hotel which closed a few years ago after the owner went broke. Bouldercombe is ideally situated close enough to Rockhampton that you could commute. The Hotel needs a lot of work to fix up. It would need a lot of money thrown at it or just demolished and start again. A lotto dream for someone.

After a relaxing couple of days here we headed into Rockhampton and then out yo Emu Park via Yeppoon to stay with a friend of Claire’s for a few days.

No 7 Dam at Mount Morgan
Mount Morgan Hotel

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