Stats August 2020

When you stay put and not travelling every day you save by not spending on fuel, sightseeing etc.

Total Days Travelled 31 (577)

Total km for the month 26 (24,021)
Most km in a day 26 (298)
Average Daily Km 1 (41)
Monthly Budget $2,500 ($40,000)
Monthly Spend $1,373 ($38,941)
Accommodation Nights 31 (577)
Family/Friends 0 (222)
Low/No cost 0 (181)
National Parks 0 (4)
Caravan Parks 31 (105)
Showgrounds 0 (28)
Station Stays 0 (1)
Pub Stays 0 (13)
Motel 0 (2)
House Sit 0 (21)

Books Read 10 (87)

Someone left about 20 Danielle Steele books in the book exchange in the laundry at the caravan park I was staying at in Karumba so I read quite a few of them while I was there.

The Andrew Gaze Story by Andrew Gaze with Grantley Bernard

A sporting fan, especially the sport of basketball will enjoy this book. Gaze spent his childhood hanging around basketball courts so it was only natural, with his natural height advantage, that he would play basketball at the highest level. He excelled and his statistics speak for themselves. 612 games for Melbourne Tigers, 5 Olympic Games and stints with overseas teams including NBA Championship with San Antonio Spurs in 1999. Gaze comes over as a humble, loyal and patriotic to a fault. A true Australian Champion, he was named the greatest player of the first 25 seasons of The National Basketball League.

Friends Forever by Danielle Steele

A different style of writing to what i have been used to. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of 5 children who met on their first day of kindergarten and became and remained friends. From the age of 5 to 23, 3 of the friends lost their lives. Heartbreaking at times it forced me to reflect on my own childhood and I realize how precious it is to still have a friend in my life from my own kindergarten year.

Lost and Found by Danielle Steele

The story resonated with me in so many ways. Not all. A poignant story of family, love and life.

Beauchamp Hall by Danielle Steele

This one was pretty much just a romantic novel but entertaining nonetheless. A plot line of “chasing your dream” or “dreams do come true” almost in the Cinderella mold. Lightweight.

Nowhere Else by Fiona McCallum

Some interesting story lines in this one. While researching a story on the drought in a small rural South Australian town, the main character discovers her biological family in the process. Hard to believe the coincidences but truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Accidental Heroes by Danielle Steele

We take for granted the forces that keep us safe everyday. Be it the Police, Armed Forces, Security Guards etc. People that go to work everyday not knowing how the day will unfold. Based on an Airplane high jacking, the story draws in all the players. Pilots, passengers, crew, security screeners, airport security, national security. All have a pivotal role to play in how things pan out. Enjoyable read with a disaster avoided.

A Wanted Man by Lee Childs

A Jack Reacher thriller. Nothing short of an excellent read. Action packed throughout. Just when you think you have the good guys sorted from the bad, things change with the turn of a page. 427 pages of skillful writing.

First Sight by Danielle Steele

This one was a bit lightweight for me. The authors books are an easy read though.

In His Fathers Footsteps by Danielle Steele

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Great storyline. Although Danielle writes predictable “happily ever after” stories, it is not without casualties along the way. Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

What an amazing book. It is a marathon with over 800 pages but it was one of the most incredible books i have ever read. Every sentence is so descriptive that you feel you are there with the characters. It covers the ambit of tragedy, love, mate ship, crime, drugs, you name it, it is all here. Dark at times, the final chapters leave you with a mixture of hope and helplessness, and bring into question what is the true meaning of life. Truly this is a work of art. Apparently a film based on the book was released in 2019.

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