Stats September 2020

Total Days Travelled 30 (607)

Total km for the month 795 (24,816)
Most km in a day 290 (298)
Average Daily Km 26 (40)
Monthly Budget $2,000 ($42,000)
Monthly Spend $856 ($39,797)
Accommodation Nights 30 (607)
Family/Friends 0 (222)
Low/No cost 1 (182)
National Parks 0 (4)
Caravan Parks 3 (108)
Showgrounds 0 (28)
Station Stays 0 (1)
Pub Stays 2 (15)
Motel 0 (2)
House Sit 24 (45)

Books Read 2 (89)

Death Cure by James Dashner

Easily the worst book I have read so far. I am not into science fiction and the only reason I persevered with this book is that it was very Covid19ish despite being written in 2012. The book is about a virus “The Flare” that all but wipes out mankind. Only a couple of hundred “immunies” survive to kickstart the human race again. Don’t waste your time on this one.

The Turning by Tim Winton

Somewhat appropriate that I would read my first Tim Winton novel whilst so close to the Queensland town of Winton. Reading The Turning was somewhat like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without having seen the completed picture first. Each chapter was a separate story but together they drew a complete picture. Because it jumped all over the place you were not sure who each chapter was referring to until sometimes towards the end of the chapter. Based in Albany WA, with small town lives interwoven into the annals of time. The writer was born the year after me so much of the happenings of the 1960’s and ’70’s growing up were very relatable. The accolades bestowed on Tim Winton’s writings are much deserved. A first class writer.

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