The Colours of Karumba Qld

I originally thought I would spend just 2 or 3 nights in Karumba as I was told it was very expensive. My accommodation certainly was not.

Karumba, on the Gulf of Carpentaria, reminded me of Broome WA but without the crowds or much of the infrastructure. It was laid back. You could tell that from just driving in. It didn’t feel touristy like Broome does. The streets were pretty much deserted. I headed for the Barramundi Information Centre which was an interesting experience. I was able to tag onto one of the feeding tours for $20. The young lady who was the guide (there was only one other couple and me on the tour) was the full bottle on the Barramundi having studied marine biology at University

There are 6 Caravan Parks in Karumba and numerous holiday units. The big drawcard to Karumba is fishing and sunsets. I stopped at The Point Fuel Caravan Park and it was only $12 per night unpowered. It was only about 600 metres walk to the Sunset Tavern and foreshore for sunset watching and there was also a couple of cafes and a small supermarket. Ash’s is THE place to go for fish and chips. A walk into the township of Karumba from The Point was about 4.5km each way across the tidal flats.

People were friendly in the park and some late afternoons were spent at the Tavern for sunset or I would wander across to the foreshore just on sunset. I did a Sunset Tour with the company The Ferryman. For $60 I got picked up from The Point boat ramp at 3.30pm and dropped back after 6.30pm after having a light dinner/snacks of sandwiches, dips, fruit and tiger prawns. Plus all drinks were complimentary. Only had 4XXXX beer but it was palatable. The commentary on the water was excellent and there was plenty of bird life and we spotted one crocodile. It had been a cloudy day and it was looking like the sunset would be crap but about 15 minutes before sunset the clouds parted just at the right angles to get some stunning shots. No two sunsets are the same and this one was pretty special.

If you have seen a Broome sunset then you know you have seen an especially great sunset. Karumba is BETTER. Gotta say it, Karumba is my favourite place on this whole trip so far. Big call but there, I have said it.

As I write this blog I have been here 2 weeks and have paid for a third. With what is currently happening in Victoria and NSW in regards to Covid19 this place is so far removed I will stay put here a few more weeks. If you haven’t already, put Karumba on your bucket list.

Karumba birds are friendly
A red flower
One of the flowers of the tidal mud flats
Early morning walk into town. See how tall I am getting?
Notice one grave is facing the opposite way
The Sunset Tavern Karumba Point
Bird of Prey. The Hawk.
Not the creek you want to go up
Fishing Boat Karumba

2 thoughts on “The Colours of Karumba Qld

  1. Sunsets look magic.
    You certainly are living the life.😎😁😍

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  2. Absolutely amazing sunsets. No wonder it’s your favorite place.

    Liked by 1 person

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