Choosing the Rig

Caravan, Campervan or Motorhome? Each has their advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, good points and bad points. Even within these categories there are endless choices.

In choosing the type of setup I want there are two not negotiables, like a toilet and shower. Having these two items means I can free camp, which will save on accommodation costs. To do this I will need a good supply of water and the ability to generate my own power for an extended period of time.

Whatever I buy I plan to live in it for at least 2 years so it needs to be roomy enough (for one) and easy to set up camp. Whilst I will be averaging less than 100 kilometres per day, there will be times when I spend a week or more in one spot and other times when I will be in a different place every night of the week.

At this stage I am not thinking I want to cross the Tanami Desert but I would like to go a little off the bitumen at times. Decisions decisions.

Campervan – I have discounted this option due to the setting up and packing up process. I know that some of the modern outfits are simple and easily done by one person but I just think that setting up and packing up every time is going to bug me in the end and I will end up hating the process. If I was going to be staying for extended periods of time in the one spot then it may have been a more viable option.

So………….Caravan or Motorhome?

The Caravan versus Motorhome debate has been going on for years and will, I imagine, go on for many years to come. I have talked to many owners of both and everyone has their own preferences and reasons for choosing one over the other. Tough decision but I have decided on the Motorhome. For now at least. I will have the option to tow a small 4wd and be able to go most places I want to

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