Sometimes when an opportunity comes along you just need to grab it with both hands and run with it.

While I have been looking at the various options, I didn’t plan on buying a rig just quite yet. (I still have 1392 days to go before I hit the road full time).

New friends Darryl and Liz were updating from their Toyota Coaster to a newer model. I just happened to call by their place when they were getting her ready for sale. We got talking and well, you know how the story goes, one thing led to another and the opportunity was too good to miss.

She (all vehicles are she aren’t they?) ticks most of the boxes. Diesel, 5 speed, 200 watts solar on roof, 2 start batteries, 2 house batteries, comfy double bed at rear, 2 burner gas hot plate, sink with electric water pump, 3 way fridge, air conditioner, microwave, 2 water storage tanks, long range fuel tank, shower (outside), toilet (portapotty), heaps of storage space, large rear access boot, bull bar, tow bar, driving lights, UHF radio, Reversing Camera.

I took deliver of my new rig today. It is a 1984 Toyota Coaster and I have named her Rhonda.

Why Rhonda you ask?

Well this is my first home on wheels and the new love in my life. My first love, way back when I was about 9 years of age was a girl by the name of Rhonda. My school friend Michael Bickerdike and I were both smitten by Rhonda. We were all in grade 3 at Warragul North Primary School. One day Michael and I arranged to meet Rhonda after school behind the garage at her place on O’Dowds Road and we both received a kiss……….on the cheek of course. Or was it the forehead? Not exactly sure now, but it certainly wasn’t on the lips! Still, it was enough to make a young heart flutter. That was as far as our liaison went and it wasn’t until 3 years later when we were in Grade 6 (our final year of Primary School) that it was “cool” for boys and girls to have boyfriends/girlfriends. By then Rhonda had been replaced by names such as Susan and Jenny. Happy days.

Rhonda11092016.JPG Rhonda.JPG

9 thoughts on “Rhonda

  1. Wow Ray, that is fantastic. Even though it is 1392 days until you hit the road full time, Rhonda will be a wonderful companion on weekends, holidays and high days!!

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    1. Thanks Jude. I’m looking forward to some weekends away to get to know her.


  2. Rhonda????
    Pfffft. I think Susan would have been a much better choice. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmmmm. What can I say to that without getting into trouble!


  3. Looking good Ray. Lots of practice runs to come. See you and Rhonda in Kalgoorlie.

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  4. Hi Ray
    I have a VW transporter duel cab with 3mt covered tray that is converted into a camper.
    I call her Ruth? as every time I get on the step to get in the drivers seat I look over the roof.
    Now this crazy me I always say hello Ruth/roof when I get in, she is very shy and never replies, but sparkles in the sunlight.

    Happy traveling , like the coaster.


    1. Thanks Ge. Hope to see you on the road one day.


  5. Love the story on naming Rhonda. Happy days, they will count down quickly now,


    1. Thanks dunmowin. Hope to see you on the road one day. Travel safe.


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