Bucket List #87 Play the pokies at Davistown RSL Club NSW

When I worked in the bank I had a high school friend who also joined the same bank and we were both on relieving staff at the same time. One year we both had holidays at the same time and decided to spend a few days on the Central Coast with an elderly aunt and uncle of his.

The old couple loved the pokies and were real night owls. We would head off to their local club at Davistown early evening and stay until closing when we would head back to their place at Kincumber and continue drinking and playing cards until around 3am. This was repeated on consecutive nights and Shane and I were both glad to “dry out” after the few days we had with them.

It was one of those out of the box experiences and they were such lovely people that the memory has stayed with me.

Western Australia doesn’t have poker machines except at the Casino in Perth. This is a good thing as they are such time and money wasters. When I was younger I used to play them as we often frequented RSL and Leagues clubs and they were a bit of entertainment but back then they were mostly 10 or 20 cent machines and you had to individually put your money in the machine. Nowadays with better electronics it is much easier to lose vast amounts really quickly.

In typical fashion my $50 outlay built quickly only to see it plummet just as quickly and within half an hour my “investment” had disappeared completely. Of course I didn’t expect to win and was prepared to lose the lot in the name of nostalgia.

A few beers, an excellent meal, a bit of a flutter and good company made for a great night. After phoning the club ahead of time we were able to stay the night down the back of the carpark so no worries about drink driving.

Camping in a car park is easy as long as you “leave no trace”
A lovely little creek behind the carpark wall

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