Stats May 2022

Total Days Travelled 31 (1215)

Total km for the month 3,558 (67,032)
Most km in a day 397 (447)
Average Daily Km 114 (55)
Monthly Budget $2,500 ($86,500)
Monthly Spend $3,432 ($86,548)
Accommodation Nights 31 (1215)
Family/Friends 2 (482)
Low/No cost 10 (346)
National Parks 0 (11)
Caravan Parks 14 (186)
Showgrounds 5 (46)
Station Stays 0 (1)
Pub Stays 0 (29)
Motel 0 (8)
House Sit 0 (58) Nature Park 0 (46) AirBnb 0 (2)

Books Read 4 (139)

A Diary of Deeds Unsung by Peter O’Shannassy

The author was one of ten children of Irish immigrant parents and was born in Darlingford, Victoria in 1882. The town was later submerged to make way for Eildon Weir. After leaving school at 15 years of age, Peter worked and travelled extensively throughout Australia. He was employed as an engine driver at gold mines at Woods Point and Walhalla in Victoria and later Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie in Western Australia. After marrying in 1917 he settled in Melbourne and worked as a crane driver at the Gas Works in West Melbourne until his death in 1944. I picked this gem of a book up when I visited the old mining town of Walhalla. Great antidotes from yesteryear.

Chinese and the Law by Brian Barrow

This booklet which I picked up from The Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo gives an historical account of how Australian Law operated and impacted on Chinese people as they came to Australia to seek their fortune in the Gold Rush eta from the 1850’s. The prejudice of The Establishment at the time is staggering in todays terms.

We are Here – Stories of Cobar’s Inspiring Women by Kay Stingemore

This easy to read book is a compilation of stories if, about, and by, different women who have lived in the far western NSW town of Cobar for various periods of time. It is a recollection of interesting stories and anecdotes from times gone by. From pioneering women to modern day. Their lives and contributions to the community of Cobar. Enjoyable.

Silverton by RHB Kearns

This brief history booklet was first published in 1972 and has been reprinted numerous times over the years. It was a good insight into the early days of Silverton NSW and it was a good read. Brought from Broken Hill Museum

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