The In Between Bits in Vic

Since entering Victoria I have been ticking off some on the Bucket List and catching up with family and friends. After travelling the High Country of Victoria I headed back to Churchill in East Gippsland where I left Rhonda for a 3 week break whilst I caught the train to Melbourne then flew back to Perth to catch up with family during April.

My niece and nephew organised the scattering of my brothers ashes in Broome over the Easter Weekend. We flew up on the Saturday morning and back on the Monday evening. It was a quick trip but was nice to be in the warmth of Broome.

John’s wish was for his ashes to be scattered at the beach at Gantheaume Point which we did at sunset on Easter Sunday. It was a simple but beautiful final farewell for a man who was loved and respected by family and friends and who in turn was passionate about the town he called home.

Claire flew back with me from Perth and we caught the train back to Churchill where we spent a few days with my cousin and her husband before heading down to Darnum for a few days with friends. We had a quick look around Melbourne and the suburbs that Claire lived when she first immigrated to Australia before heading over the Westgate Bridge to Geelong to say with a friend before tackling The Great Ocean Road.

Generally speaking it was fairly cold and wet/overcast during the time we were back in Victoria so we headed north as the opportunity to find warmer weather was too good.

Gantheume Beach Broome
Sunset Gantheume Point Broome
A common sign in shops throughout Victorian country towns
Lyrebird in National Park
Feeding frenzy at Cafe
Parked up in Darnum
I met this bloke in Bendigo and couldn’t resist a photo opportunity. He’s been growing his beard (and gut) a lot longer than me.

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