Bucket List #78 Have a Picnic at Hanging Rock Vic

Made famous firstly by the 1960’s classic book “Picnic at Hanging Rock” and then by the Peter Weir motion picture by the same name, the area is adjacent to Mt Macedon near Woodend which is only about 60km from the Melbourne CBD.

It was a relatively short but steep walk up to the summit along a bitumenized pathway. There is a horse racetrack and ovals within the reserve. The day I was there a number of schoolchildren were participating in a cross country run and as I reached the summit you could hear all the laughter and chatter that echoed up the hill and it made you think of the 20 school girls and their teacher of that day back in 1900. The grounds are lovely and it is a great place for a picnic. There was an entrance fee of $10 per vehicle which goes towards the upkeep of the reserve.

Camped near Gisborne. Misty morning
My picnic at Hanging Rock

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