Bucket List #77 Spend a day at Warragul Cemetery Vic

As I was born in Warragul I have a few ancestors that are buried in the cemetery there. My next project is going to be to update the family tree. I started to research this when I was in my early twenties but have done nothing since so there is a bit to sift through.

I was able to get photos of all the rellies headstones and plaques. I also found the plaques of a few friends and friends parents who have passed away.

Before I went to the cemetery I visited a local store and brought some flowers that I was able to place on some of the graves.

Such is the growth of the town and the limitations of the cemetery being “in town”, a new larger lawn cemetery has been established on the south west edge of town. This is quite a pretty area on a hill overlooking the town.

Uncle George and his wife Vera. Uncle George was known as Unc (pronounced Unk). He was also the local stonemason so his name plaque was attached to numerous graves.
This was my Dad’s brother who died on my dads 18th Birthday.
My paternal grandmother was a Mapleson
My great grandparents on mums side
Auntie, Uncle and cousin. My Auntie had a terrific voice and was a beautiful singer. I think she played the accordion as well.
An uncle. Known as Kicker.
Once I study the family tree I will know where this person fits in.
As above
Dads brother in law
Dads sister and her husband
My first cousin who sadly died in a car accident aged 18
Grandparents on mums side.
An uncle

1 thought on “Bucket List #77 Spend a day at Warragul Cemetery Vic

  1. I also do my family tree but have put it aside for now. It can be overwhelming and expensive. But it is so rewarding too. I also had my DNA done which was very interesting. My husband thinks its morbid visiting cemeteries but I feel it remembers and respects those who have gone before us.
    So pleased you took those photos. They will be important later on.

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