Bucket List #74 Spend a night in Swift’s Creek Vic

When I was on Relieving Staff in Victoria I worked in Swifts Creek snd enjoyed my time there. The bank branch is long closed and the building appears to be vacant. The post office is also closed. I was surprised at the amount of new buildings in town though, including a Bush Nursing Centre. Even the pub is new! The old one burnt down about 1989.

It’s a small world. Talking to the lady that owns the IGA/General Store and I find out she is the daughter of the Bank Manager at the time I was working there.

I ended up spending 2 days snd nights here as I had to wait for some tyre tubes to come up from Bairnsdale.

The old CBC Bank premises. Currently being stripped out inside. The local bakery is moving in.
Current bakery premises
Swifts Creek
The old Post Office

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