Bucket List #73 Travel The Great Alpine Road Vic

The Great Alpine Road runs from Wangaratta through to Bairnsdale through the major towns of Myrtleford, Bright, Mount Hotham, Omeo and Swift’s Creek.

It is hilly to say the least and with some very winding sections but the scenery is really incredible.

Unfortunately the low cloud cover has blanketed Mt Hotham and I couldn’t see from one side of the road to the other. Nonetheless it was so worth the drive. Myrtleford and Bright were very picturesque. I didn’t get any photos of Omeo as it was too wet when I was there. Photos of Swifts Creek can be found on a seperate post.


“Mad Dog Morgan” was a notorious bushranger of the 1850’s and ‘60’s. After he was eventually captured in keeping with the theories of the day, he was beheaded and his head was sent to Melbourne university in the belief that by studying the outlaws brain, certain traits would be found in those that committed such horrendous crimes. Morgan was buried, headless, outside the cemetery compound but over time the perimeter was extended and he now laid to rest inside the cemetery boundary, albeit separated from the general population.
Wangaratta has a number of buildings of historical value in the Main Street.



Mount Hotham area

That’s Mount Kosciusko in the distance



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