Bucket List #68 Do the Silo Art Trail VIC

Silo Art has seen an explosion in Australia over the past 3 or 4 years. I was keen to do the Silo Art Trail in the Mallee area of Western Victoria. There are a total of 11 towns with Silo Art with most of the towns in between having some form of attraction to entice the visitor to stay around a little while.

I spent 3 days doing the silos which included taking in a couple of extra towns where I worked in the early 1980’s being Charlton and Watchem.

Serviceton – Virtually on the border with South Australia, Serviceton was established when the inter-colonial railway line between Adelaide and Melbourne was completed in 1887. The railway station served as the changeover point for train crews and locomotives of the Victorian Railway and South Australian Railways since neither could operate in the other colony.

Serviceton Railway Station

Kaniva – See Bucket List #67 for more details on the town of Kaniva.


Nhill – This town didn’t appeal at all to me. A lot of empty shops

Sea Lake
Sea Lake
Sheep Hills

Rupanyup – This was a lovely town with a wide park running down the middle of the Main Street which housed the Chainsaw Art Trail (see seperate post). The town also claims fame as the site of the first community bank branch in Australia of the Bendigo Bank being established in 1998.


Goroke – Another one of those unassuming towns that has a bit of character and a good feel to it. A great campsite on the edge of town run by the Apex Club.


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  1. I love the silo art. Something we must see when we get down that way. Thank you for sharing,

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