Bucket List #67 Visit Kaniva VIC

I worked at Kaniva for a short period in the early 1980’s so was keen to revisit the town as I enjoyed my time there. I was quite surprised driving in from South Australia as the town was buzzing with people. My memory was telling me it was a very quiet little town but the amount of cars parked in the main street was very different to my recollection.

The building I worked in (CBC Bank), which originally housed the Bank of Victoria is now vacant. When I worked in Kaniva I stayed at the Club Hotel. Sadly the hotel now doesn’t open until 5pm so I couldn’t even go in to have a look. The other hotel in town, The Commercial opens daily at 4pm. Wonder how the local farmers feel not being able to get a counter meal for lunch when they come into town.

Premises of the old CBC Bank
I remember some big nights at the Club Hotel. Contract shearer’s used to drink here so there were some rowdy nights.
Kaniva Art Silo
Part of the Sheep Art Trail featuring over 40 sheep along a 900 metre trail from the Wetlands and Fauna Park to the Silo Art. The sheep were painted by local Kaniva artists and community groups, aged between 8 and 80. The trail celebrates Kaniva’s sheep history.
Shire Hall. One of a number of striking buildings in town.
Tree outside Shire OfficeS.
Birds at Fauna Park
The Fauna Park housed this emu as well as kangaroos, lyre bird, and other birds.

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