Weekend by the Mighty Murray SA

Heading south from Blanchetown you follow the Murray River through Swan Reach and Big Bend. There are a couple of great lookouts worth stopping at to see how the river over the years has cut away at the banks to make some stunning cliff faces.

To get to the campsite at Walker Flat you need to catch the ferry across the river. There are about 11 such ferries operating throughout the Riverland. They run 24/7 to service the small towns and villages. The service is provided by the government and is essential for travel and living in this area.

We arrived about 4pm and managed to secure one of the few remaining positions right on the bank of the river. There are probably 50 or so vehicles here which ended up being much busier on the Sunday. Plenty of boats, jet skies etc.

Apart from the constant roar of the engines up and down during daylight hours it was so peaceful and relaxing. But even with the engine noise it was a very relaxing time. A short walk up to a well stocked General Store near the ferry. Great picnic grounds and all for free. Can’t get any better than that.

Big Bend Lookout
Walker Flat
Ferry crossing at Walker Flat
Set up ready for a relaxing weekend
Lutheran Church Walker Flat
Sunset on the cliffs
Jet ski on river

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