Stats November 2021

Total Days Travelled 30 (1033)

Total km for the month 2,736 (53,194)
Most km in a day 309 (447)
Average Daily Km 91 (51)
Monthly Budget $2,000 ($72,500)
Monthly Spend $1,731 ($69,410)
Accommodation Nights 30 (1033)
Family/Friends 10 (433)
Low/No cost 17 (273)
National Parks 0 (7)
Caravan Parks 3 (146)
Showgrounds 0 (34)
Station Stays 0 (1)
Pub Stays 0 (29)
Motel 0 (6)
House Sit 0 (56) Nature Park 0 (46) AirBnb 0 (2)

Books Read 8 (120)

Bloomfield & Beyond – A history of Nilma 1885-1985 by Eileen Williams

In the veins of the previous book, this one covers the same area and was more comprehensive. With a number of my ancestors mentioned it was good to check up on the family tree.

Gosford/Wyong History & Heritage by Beryl Strom

Published in 1982 this book gives an in-depth account of the development of the Central Coast area. My parents lived in this area in the 1980’s prior to moving to Perth so many of the place names are familiar.

Ourimbah History of a Timber Town to 1930 by BC Jones & AC Eyres

This one about the town and area just outside Gosford. Interesting that most of the land taken up in this area was by Government officials of the day.

The Entrance Long Ago by AM McClure

An excellent history on the establishing of The Entrance on the Central Coast of New South Wales. I really enjoy reading about local history.

Opal Dreaming by Sue Britt

I picked this book up when I was in Coober Pedy. It’s a short history of Coober Pedy since opal was first found there in 1915. Gives an overview of various major happenings in the opal fields over the past 100 years.

The Hunted by Gabriel Bergmoser

Talk about a killing field! Action packed and fast paced but pretty gruesome. An Australian writer with a natural talent and expect other top selling novels from him into the future. The Hunted has been picked up by Hollywood so expect the movie to be out in a couple of years.

Jilted by Rachael Johns

With a backdrop of a small country town in the Southwest of Western Australia, Jilted was a fairly lighthearted love story. The plot was just enough to keep you reading but of course a very predictable ending. Think “happily ever after”.

1918 The Year of Victory by Martin Marix Evans

This was interesting but a hard slog reading all the stats and the names of the different regiments. Factual from an Allied viewpoint, it gives in-depth accounts of numerous battles in WW1

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