Eyre Peninsular SA (Part 1)

After leaving Ceduna I followed the coast around the Eyre Peninsular to Port Augusta.

A lot of the time during my 2 weeks on the Eyre Peninsular it was overcast or wet and mostly very windy. This however didn’t detract from my opinion that this is one of the most scenic and beautiful coastlines in Australia. The further I went the more I fell in love with the area. It would be quite easy to live in many of the small towns or villages along the way.

My first overnight stop was at Haslam Beach. Nothing here apart from a few houses and a jetty but a very peaceful stay at an RV Stop behind the dunes. Beautiful sunsets here.

Not far south of Haslam I stopped at Perlubie Beach. This was a beautiful little spot where I camped behind the dunes in the car parking area. Plenty of 4WD’s with camper trailers or caravans set up on the beach.

One afternoon when I was going for a walk along the beach I came across a couple who got bogged. They borrowed some Maxtracks off someone to get themselves out. I would love to have camped right on the beach but at 4.5t and only 2wd I know my limitations.

After a couple of nights at Perlubie Beach I spent a week at Streaky Bay (see Bucket List #64) and then headed through the villages and coastal towns of Venus Bay and Port Kenny to Elliston where I stayed a couple of nights.

Just south of Streaky Bay is a number of weird rock formations known as Murphy’s Haystacks. Well worth stopping to have a look . You can also camp here.

At Elliston I stayed at the Golf Club car park which sits high on the hill overlooking the town and out to the cliffs. Great sunset viewing from here and a nice walk (or you can drive) around the cliffs. Pretty rugged and dangerous if you get too close.

Further south is Coffin Bay which is a very popular tourist destination. It is a stunningly beautiful area and famous for it’s oysters. Oysters begin their life here and are then transported to the oyster beds at Port Lincoln for a couple of years before being transported back to Coffin Bay where they finish their growth to maturity.

Just south of Streaky Bay is Murphy’s Haystacks
Murphy’s Haystacks. Unusual rock formations known as Inselbergs.
Haslam Beach sunset
Perlubie Beach
Sunset over Perlubie Beach
Van bogged on Perlubie Beach
Feeding time as the fishermen clean their catch at Venus Bay
Venus Bay Jetty
Venus Bay Cliffside
Elliston sunset
Cummins Lookout Coulta
Oyster beds at Coffin Bay
Coffin Bay

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