Stats October 2021

Total Days Travelled 31 (1003)

Total km for the month 2,526 (50,458)
Most km in a day 403 (447)
Average Daily Km 81 (50)
Monthly Budget $2,500 ($70,500)
Monthly Spend $2,190 ($67,679)
Accommodation Nights 31 (1003)
Family/Friends 8 (423)
Low/No cost 18 (256)
National Parks 1 (7)
Caravan Parks 4 (143)
Showgrounds 0 (34)
Station Stays 0 (1)
Pub Stays 0 (29)
Motel 0 (6)
House Sit 0 (56) Nature Park 0 (46) AirBnb 0 (2)

Books Read 3 (112)

20th Victim by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

When I started reading this I had the feeling I had read it before but couldn’t be 100% sure.a lot of crime thrillers have very similar plots and sometimes the memory from one book to the next. Half way through I went back over the 100 books I have read and yes I had read it. Normally after I finish a book And doing the review I put the book on the floor of the passenger seat and then exchange or donate them along the road. It was a good story so I kept reading and again I can recommend this one.

The Chamber by John Grisham

A compelling read. After 3 trials the central character is condemned to death. He spends 9 and a half year awaiting his fate. A new lawyer takes on the case at the eleventh hour. His grandson no less. Powerful storyline that questions you own beliefs in the justice system and particularly the death penalty.

A Century of Progress Lillico- Nilma North by Centenary/ Reunion Committee

A history of the settlement of the Lillico – Nilma North area near Warragul, Victoria. My Great Grandparents were settlers in the area and my Great Grandfather also built many of the roads in the area. Although I was born and lived in town, I have fond memories of “going out to the farm” on weekends and school holidays.

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