Port Augusta SA to NT Border

You know you are in for a long drive when the first “town” listed on the sign on the outskirts of Port Augusta is nearly 200km away and Alice Springs is 1200km away and that’s not even halfway to Darwin. Port Augusta to Darwin is 2730km. Long stretches between towns.

At Pimba I headed out to Andamooka (see seperate blog post) and returned 2 days later to continue on the Stuart Highway. I stopped to have a look at Lake Hart which is a huge salt lake and overnighted just north of Glendambo. At Lake Hart I went for a walk down the track to the lake and not far along I’m looking down at the ground where I am walking (a habit from walking around the opal fields at Andamooka) and lol and behold there is a ten dollar note lying on the ground. Thank you very much I said. Better than finding an opal on the ground. Opals are not legal tender. Ten dollar notes are!

It was about 250km from Glendambo to Coober Pedy. It rained pretty heavily overnight so there was a lot of water lying beside the road north. The landscape is fairly flat and desert looking. I stopped for several days at Coober Pedy (see seperate blog Bucket List #58) before heading north to overnight at Kulgera Roadhouse which is just over the border into Northern Territory.

Landscape was pretty barren
Lake Hart (salt lake)
Railway line right beside Lake Hart
Finders keepers
Glendambo sunset
Kulgera. Just inside the Northern Territory border.

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