Kings Canyon NT

Kings Canyon wasn’t on my bucket list but it should have been. It’s about 300km from Uluru. It’s spectacular and worth including in your itinerary if you are in Central Australia. (Out in these parts 300km is “just up the road”.)

Kings Canyon was the most expensive caravan park I have stayed in so far at $50 for an unpowered site. With all the rain they have had this wet season and a fresh lot not so long ago so the dust has sprouted grass so that was a bonus. Next to the park is a sunset viewing area to watch the sun set over the Canyon and enjoy a drink or two. It was a bit of a jostle for front position once the cameras all came out but it was well worth it.

Next morning it was set the alarm for the drive out to the Canyon and to climb up to the top before the sun came up. It was well worth the early start. Walking very early in the day meant less heat and by the time we finished the walk just before 11am it was getting very warm indeed.

The Rim Walk around the top of Kings Canyon was absolutely fantastic. The views take your breath away and the colours from the sunlight on the cliff faces are just dazzling. If you take away the iconic value of Uluru, Kings Canyon wins hands down.

It’s a tough climb to start with. 500 steps vertical with little respite. It’s not for the faint hearted and it tests both strength and stamina. The walk around the rim at the top is pretty gruelling at times too but oh so worth the effort. There are a couple of lookouts which take you on a one way side route and both are worth the extra effort.

Definitely a must do!

Start of Rim Walk

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