Bucket List #59 See Uluru at Sunrise and Sunset

I can’t imagine any traveller NOT having Uluru on their bucket list. When overseas visitors come to Australia they usually have 3 must do’s on their mind. Sydney Harbour, Great Barrier Reef and Uluru. The young ones sometimes think they can do all 3 in one day.

Once you get to Erldunda some 200km south of Alice Springs there is still 250km to get to the Ayres Rock Resort.

Uluru is a spiritual place for our First Nation people. It did feel that way to me too. The Rock is majestic. It is so much more than just a huge piece of sandstone rock formed over millions of years. The ever changing colours that sunlight and shadows throw over the rock at both sunrise and sunset is the drawcard for millions of tourists each year.

Pictures will never do the reality of the colours justice. It was special to just be there and take in the beauty.


This one was taken from Kata Tjuta
From Kata Tjuta

Now sunset (from a different angle)

What’s all the fuss about? It’s not much bigger than my bus!

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