Stats June 2020

So good to be back on the road again.

Total Days Travelled 30 (515)

Total km for the month 917 (22,558)
Most km in a day 153 (298)
Average Daily Km 30 (43)
Monthly Budget $2,000 ($35,500)
Monthly Spend $1,980 ($34,964)
Accommodation Nights 30 (515)
Family/Friends 9 (222)
Low/No cost 16 (177)
National Parks 0 (4)
Caravan Parks 3 (47)
Showgrounds 2 (28)
Station Stays 0 (1)
Pub Stays 0 (13)
Motel 0 (2)
House Sit 0 (21)

Books Read 4 (72)

The Escape by David Baldacci

A brilliantly written crime thriller. A lengthy novel that kept you interested throughout through its portrayal of the work of various law enforcement. intelligence and counter intelligence agencies that the American’s are renowned for. Suspense until the very last page. Well worth tracking this book down. It won’t disappoint.

Mackay Revisited by KH Kennedy

I picked this book up at the Mackay Museum. A hard cover book of some length it was an informative read. It was published in 2002 following the amalgamation of Pioneer Shire and the “old” Mackay City in 1994. In illustrating Mackay’s history it places it in context with the history of the development of Queensland, Australia and its reference to the wider world. For anyone who has a passing interest or connection to the Mackay Region, it was a treasure trove of interesting facts. So a couple of little interesting facts I gleaned were:

1. In 1929 1,145 Australians died in motor vehicle accidents (compared to 1,194 90 years later in 2019).

2. The first shot for the British Empire in WW1 was fired from Australian soil less than 3 hours after Churchill wired from the Admiralty: “Commence hostilities against Germany”. At 12.10pm on 5th August, the German merchant vessel Pfalz was steaming out of Port Phillip Bay. Only 10 minutes after news of war was conveyed from Melbourne to Fort Nepean, the battery put a salvo across Pfalz’s bow. It’s captain immediately shut down engines and surrendered. This some 3 months before the Australian Army embarked for overseas.

I, Alex Cross by James Patterson

A master author, this is an excellent read as one would expect from James Patterson. Alex Cross is a detective and this is one of Patterson’s many books in the Alex Cross series. I look forward to reading many more in the series.

Odds Against by Dick Francis

It took me a really long time to get into this book. It was a slog for a while but eventually the plot became interesting and the pages started to flow. A different type of crime thriller. Worth persevering. Just.

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