Stats March 2020

The biggest single expense this month was a couple of new house batteries for $550

Total Days Travelled 31 (424)

Total km for the month 1,987 (21,455)
Most km in a day 260 (298)
Average Daily Km 64 (50)
Monthly Budget $2,000 ($29,000)
Monthly Spend $2,538 ($31,018)

Accommodation Nights 31 (424)
Family/Friends 18 (152)
Low/No cost 9 (161)
National Parks 0 (4)
Caravan Parks 0 (44)
Showgrounds 4 (26)
Station Stays 0 (1)
Pub Stays 0 (13)
Motel 0 (2)
House Sit 0 (21)

Books Read 4 (59)

The Woman in the Green Dress by Tea Cooper

What a wonderful read. Enjoyed this one immensely. Alternating between the 1850’s and 1919, following WW1, the story lines eventually marry up revealing a link from the past to the present in an intriguing and captivating interwoven storytelling style.

Close Call by Stella Remington

Took me a little while to get into this book with so many different characters introduced early on but once I got into the groove of it it was hard to put down. For a book to be really good you need to be able to say after you have finished a chapter “one more chapter”. This was one of those books. A thriller based on MI5 trying to get to the terrorists before they let loose on an unsuspecting public. A great read.

Tails Carried High by Carmel Rowley

I have read some really great books over the past 14 months. This one was right up there amongst the best of the best. An interesting and entertaining book set in Toowoomba Queensland. Intergenerational intrigue written for easy reading with love and passion at the centre of the storyline. Refreshingly no gratuitous sex or blood and guts but an underlying subtlety throughout. Well worth tracking this book down. Probably more so if you are into horses as the storyline revolves around the Arabian Horse Breeding.

Shane Warne, My Illustrated Career by Shane Warne

Not my favourite cricket player by any stretch of the imagination but nonetheless Warne was one of the best cricketers Australia has ever seen. A recount of his cricketing prowess with little of the man off the field, Warne recounts his battles with each of the cricket playing nations. There are plenty of pictures in this book to ease the words. Interesting insight into this cricket legend but if you are not into cricket, don’t bother.

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