Back in SE Queensland

I came back up into Queensland initially to catch up with my niece in Brisbane, which I did and gave her a lift to the Gold Coast. After catching up with a couple of mates from Coffs Harbour days I was headed back to Yandina to get Rhonda serviced when the world started changing due to Covid19.

I had a few nights at Dayboro Showground (again) and a night at Gayndah, Proston as well as back on the Sunshine Coast.

I was able to fit in a trip out to Wuruma Dam (see Bucket List #27) and Lake Boondooma (see Bucket List #28) before things changed again and travel was starting to get discouraged.

Finally got oil leak issue sorted with Rhonda and as things started to shut down I was trying to find somewhere to get off the road and bunker down but all my options started to close. I looked at Agnes Water but the council decided to close that one and then all the National Parks and campgrounds started to shut. Friends I met last year in Daly River in NT kindly offered their back yard for me to stay in. They live just out of Bundaberg. I am so grateful to them. Being full time on the road it can get a little scary to think that you may have literally nowhere to go.

So I am now camped up in the backyard, connected to power. I have enough food and water (and beer) to last me a month without going anywhere. I know we will all get through this tough time and it will give me a chance to do a bit more reading, do a good clean out of the bus and throw out things I have carried from Collie but have yet to use.

Stay safe everyone and I will continue with the blog when the world is back up and running again.

A strange looking tree near the strange sounding town of Mundubbera
Safe and sound in the backyard at Bundaberg

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