Bucket List #24 Visit Glasshouse Mountains Qld

Visit Glasshouse Mountains BL88

I had only ever driven past The Glasshouse Mountains and that was so many years ago. They are a natural wonder situated just off the Bruce Highway in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The best place to view them from is at the Wild Horse Lookout on the eastern side of Bruce Highway. The walk up to the lookout is a concrete path. Its only about 700 meters in length but it is steep. One regular told me that a few days prior 2 ladies in their late 80’s/early 90’s climbed it with walking sticks in hand. So anyone can do it.

Where it had been raining several days and still some smoke haze lingering about, the day I went up there was absolutely perfectly clear. Amazing! The lookout is a fire lookout and we were able to see the Brisbane city skyline. The 360 degree views were awesome. The 13 mountains that make up the Glasshouse Mountains were crystal clear. A local told me it was a very popular spot for some amazing photography at sunset.

The Glasshouse Mountains were named by James Cook. The highest peak is Mt Beerwah at 556metres. The mountains are intrusive plugs formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago.

There is also another Fire Lookout at Mount Beerburrum however this is not quite as spectacular as the Wild Horse Mountain Lookout. It does however give a different perspective and as you drive around the area you get to see all the mountains from different angles and as the day progressed different shadows were cast and the afternoon sun shed a different light on the view. Stopped and had afternoon tea at one of a number of cafes/tea houses that have been set up to capitalise on the view and entice the tourists in.

There are numerous walks throughout the National Park.

Whilst the mountains can easily be viewed as you travel the Bruce Highway, taking the country roads around each of the mountains gives a proper view and better perspective of their natural beauty. A very enjoyable day spent looking around this wonderful area.

It doesn’t look steep up to the Fire Tower at Wild Horse Mountain but trust me. It was.

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