Stats November 2019

Total km for the month 2,358 (16,875)
Most km in a day 284 (298)
Average Daily Km 78 (55)
Monthly Budget $2,000 $21,000
Monthly Spend $2,276 $23,229
Accommodation Nights 30 (302)
Family/Friends 11 (107)
Low/No cost 15 (126)
National Parks 0 (4)
Caravan Parks 5 (44)
Showgrounds 2 (16)
Station Stays 0 (2)
Pub Stays 4 (14)

Books read this month 5 (40)

The Lone Wolf Returns by John C Hay

I picked this book up in Cooktown at The Historical Museum. A very detailed account of the last bushie type Miner to work The Palmer Goldfields. Whilst extremely interesting. at times the read was hard going. Anyone who has done a spot of modern day gold detecting would appreciate this book. Sam Elliot was the last of the pick and shovel miners to call this area home. A place he kept returning to for 49 years. At times he was the sole occupant for up to 8 months at a time. This is Sam Elliot’s story as told via manuscripts and brought to life by his mate John Hay in a tribute to a legend of The Palmer River.

To Cut A Long Story Short by Jeffery Archer

Can you believe this is the very first Jeffery Archer novel I have read? Perhaps the greatest author of the modern era, Jeffery Archer has eluded me in the past but I was given 3 of his books and I am hooked. He literally forces the reader to turn each page and devour the next page, and the next, and the next.

Tackling Teens by Denise Bewert

It mat seem strange that a bloke of 60 would want to read a book on how to deal with teenagers and I agree. I was given book to me by the author so I thought it only polite that I actually read it. The problems (and solutions) for raising teenagers is nothing new but Denise sets this book out in an easy to read format with suggested solutions and references for each problem posed. It certainly would be a helpful guide and reference for anyone raising teens or preteens. Reading the book reminded me how much I probably sucked at being a parent during those trying years as I certainly didn’t do everything “by the book”. Maybe through good luck than good management, all my kids turned out to be ok. In fact exceptionally ok.

Troubled Teens by Denise Bewert

A follow on from the previous book, this one covers when things go wrong (and they do and will), and the how, where, when of how to cope, who to turn to and practical tips on getting troubles teens through and out the other end into adulthood.

A Matter of Honour by Jeffery Archer

360 pages of small print but extremely large on action and intrigue. A masterclass in twists and turns. In the era of the Cold War, 1966, it is hard to tell who is on who’s side. Gripping plot lines that change direction at the turn of every page. The author gets you so involved in the story lines that I was left exhausted after finishing this one.

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