Bucket List #17 See Wallaman Falls Qld

See Wallaman Falls Qld (BL98)

Located 47km from Ingham in Queensland, the drive out takes you through splendid cane field country and some cattle country before a sign warns you that the 15km long steep ascent is not suitable for caravans, trucks or buses. At 6.5metres in length I was ok but boy, what a climb it was. Rhonda didn’t struggle but it was 3rd gear/2nd gear all the way. The switchbacks were unrelenting and at times I wondered if I would ever get to the top.

There was a lookout at the peak of the northern aspect and the view was insane. Pushing on I finally made it to the top where there is a lookout to the falls and also a walking track to the base of the falls.

Wallaman Falls is the longest single drop waterfall in Australia and is awe inspiring to see. Being towards the end of the dry season there wasn’t a huge amount of water flowing but there was certainly enough to take your breathe away with the sheer drop as the water cascades 234 metres below into a pool. The enormity of the water drop creates a rainbow effect just prior to it reaches the bottom. Quite spectacular.

Armed with water bottles and walking shoes I tackled the 4km round trip to the base of the Falls. Signs warn that it is not an easy walk as the track starts off on a bitumen path but when that ceases the relentless switchbacks of the dirt, rocky path and constant step downs makes it hard going. Once you get to the bottom of the gorge there are some really big rocks to scamper over to get to the pool itself. Not easy to manoeuvre as there is now no path and you just get there anyway you can. Getting in the water is not easy either as the rocks are very slippery. The water however is cool and inviting and eventually I was able to get in and swim out to the waterfall. The spray and momentum of the water pushing against you makes it tough going and was like swimming against a rip. I did make it out to the waterfall but could feel myself tiring rapidly so with jelly like legs I made it back to the rocks. I was grateful that I knew my limits and made it back safely.

The walk back up the face of the gorge was excruciatingly difficult and it really sapped my energy. By the time I reached the carpark every part of my legs ached and felt like jelly. I would not like to tackle this walk as an older person. Makes me grateful I am doing this trip now. As I post this blog several days later I am still struggling to walk properly and the muscles in my legs continue to ache.

The drive back down the mountain was of course a slow and steady trip mainly in 3rd gear but having to drop back to 2nd on the hairpin bends.

I have seen a lot of waterfalls over the time. This is just about the best!

As far as the eye can see
Shared path

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  1. Great photos 😊


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