Cobar NSW to Cunnamulla QLD

After leaving Wilcannia it’s a long haul through to Cobar. 260km in fact. I had been to Cobar on my trip up The Kidman Way. On that occasion the Museum was closed for renovations so I was pleased to see the refurbished building open this time.

Last time I was here it was dry and I camped out at the old reservoir which was a very picturesque spot. This time will all the rain about it wasn’t worth risking trying to get through all the muddy roads so we opted to continue on towards Bourke and camp by the roadside. After dark there isn’t too much traffic on these roads so sleeping close to the road is not an issue.

The next day we had a wander around Bourke. Claire had a look through the Back ‘o Bourke Centre (which I had already seen) while I caught up a bit on my blogs.

We were headed for sunshine and it felt good to cross the border back into Queensland. During the last 3+ years on the road I have probably spent the largest percentage of that time in the Sunshine State.

I hadn’t been to Cunnamulla before and it was a lovely if not quiet little town. There are two caravan parks, one in town and one out of town on the Warrego River. We chose the later and stayed 3 nights. It was busy with most just staying the one night as they transitioned either north or south. Met a couple of people that came from Warragul. Not that I knew them but wherever I go I seem to find some connection in one way or another with different people. 6 degrees of separation!

We walked the 3km into town one day to see the Cunnamulla Fella Centre and Museum. Very interesting with lots of historical facts. On the way in we stopped at the cemetery. It’s quite a large cemetery with of course plenty of history by reading the gravestones.

Being a Sunday our choices for lunch were limited. We found a pub but they only served meals Monday to Saturday. We and another couple were reading this information on the board outside the pub when the lady came out and said if we brought a drink we could have a free bbq and salad in the beer garden out the back. It was a no brainer. Chicken wings, chips and coleslaw with bread. How good is that? And the drink prices were much cheaper than other pubs we have eaten in of late.

After walking over the bridge to the other side of town we headed the 3km back . As we got to the cemetery it started to sprinkle rain when an old bloke in a Ute pulled up and offered us a lift. We gratefully accepted the offer. The guy was well into his 80’s and a local so in the brief time we were with him we had his life story. He was headed to the weir a couple of km past our caravan park. As we intended going here the next day we continued on with him. When the Warrego is flowing he comes out here twice a day to measure the height. I assume this information is passed on to the relevant authorities. It was 1 metre over the causeway (road). After showing us the boat ramp he dropped us at the entrance to our park. Gotta love country folk.

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