Stats April 2022

Total Days Travelled 30 (1184)

Total km for the month 449 (63,474)
Most km in a day 311 (447)
Average Daily Km 14 (53)
Monthly Budget $2,000 ($84,000)
Monthly Spend $985 ($83,116)
Accommodation Nights 30 (1184)
Family/Friends 25 (480)
Low/No cost 1 (336)
National Parks 0 (11)
Caravan Parks 0 (172)
Showgrounds 0 (41)
Station Stays 0 (1)
Pub Stays 0 (29)
Motel 2 (8)
House Sit 2 (58) Nature Park 0 (46) AirBnb 0 (2)

Books Read 3 (135)

April 2022

Such was Life by Trevor Poultney

A booklet I picked up from the gift shop at The Old Melbourne Goal. An account of the time Ned Kelly spent at the Goal before being hung there on 11th November 1880.

That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott

Based around the time of first European settlement in Western Australia, and written from and through the eyes of a First Nation person. This was an enlightening read. A novel sure, but such thought provoking words and storyline it perhaps should be on the reading list in our education system. Certainly a history lesson.

Ellen by Noelene Allen

The story of Ned Kelly’s mother. A pioneer in her own right and treated harshly by the establishment, Ellen Kelly (née Quinn) outlived 7 of her 12 children and died at the age of 91. I really enjoyed this book. To live through what this remarkable woman went through, including time in goal with hard labour, is a testament to her strength of character and the love she had for her family.

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