Walhalla Vic

Walhalla is a small town in Victoria, founded as a gold-mining community in late 1862, and at its peak, home to around 4,000 residents. The town now is home to about 20 permanent residents with a number of residences let as holiday rentals.

The town is about 50km north of Morwell on Stringers Creek.

My cousin took me for a drive up here and the town was buzzing with tourists. I did the tour of the gold mine which was interesting and good value at about $20 and after wandering around the various town buildings we visited the cemetery which is probably the most unique in Australia. It is on the side of a very steep hill overlooking the town. It is so steep that the pathways could only be described as goat tracks. Trees have literally grown through some of the graves. Quite a fascinating place.

1 thought on “Walhalla Vic

  1. My husband thinks I’m weird because I love cemeteries. This is one I need to check out!

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