Bucket List #69 Visit Harrow VIC

One of my favourite television shows (when I had a TV) was the ABC’s Backroads. A few years ago the show featured the little Victorian town of Harrow. It looked a quaint little town with character and characters. For that reason alone I put it on my bucket list.

The town is quaint. It is also very quiet. A sleepy hollow on the Saturday that I visited the town. It is a picturesque town nestled in a valley between two hills. It was a beautiful summers day when I visited but I imagine it would be a very cold place at night and freezing in winter.

The first cricket team to tour England, in 1868, was made up of all aborigines from the local area. This was 14 years before the first Ashes Tour. Johnny Mullagh was the star player. A handy batsman and bowler he scored 1698 runs (23.65) over 45 matches and took 245 wickets (10.00).

Town entry statement
Heritage Hotel
Mock up cemetery next to church in Main Street
Yes that is a coffin in the corner
Cottage in Gardiner Park
Log Goal
The Outhouse
RSL Building
One of the few shops
Old world charm
Main Street
Johnny Mullagh Park
Harrow Discovery Centre and Johnny Mullagh Interpretative Centre
Portrait of Johnny Mullagh
Bank Museum (was a CBC Branch) so was good to see some old items that I remember from my bank days

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