Stats January 2022

Total Days Travelled 31 (1095)

Total km for the month 1,107 (56,379)
Most km in a day 165 (447)
Average Daily Km 35 (51)
Monthly Budget $2,500 ($78,000)
Monthly Spend $2,332 ($75,303)
Accommodation Nights 31 (1095)
Family/Friends 0 (433)
Low/No cost 13 (308)
National Parks 2 (9)
Caravan Parks 12 (166)
Showgrounds 4 (39)
Station Stays 0 (1)
Pub Stays 0 (29)
Motel 0 (6)
House Sit 0 (56) Nature Park 0 (46) AirBnb 0 (2)

Books Read 6 (132)

Discovering Historic Kadina by GJ Drew (Copper Coast Council)

An easy to read historical booklet centred on the establishment of the town of Kadina as it grew from the mines in the area. The three former mining towns of Kadina, Moonta and Wallaroo identify now as The Copper Coast as they capitalise on the tourism value of the area.

Discovering Historic Moonta by GJ Drew (Copper Coast Council)

Similar to the above, detailing the township of Moonta and the mine that operated there. I stayed in Moonta and really enjoyed the “vibe” of the small town that is and was known as “Little Cornwall”.

The People’s Vs Alex Cross by James Patterson

Every book I have read of Janes Patterson is an awesome read. He keeps things fast paced and extremely interesting it’s hard to put his books down once you start. Great crime thriller.

Colours of Kangaroo Island compiled by The Dudley Writers Group

I picked this book up from a stall at the Penneshaw Sunday monthly markets on Kangaroo Island . It was a compilation of over 100 little stories or antidotes from early residents and pioneers either first hand or handed down through generations. It was an entertaining and enlightening read of snippets of life in the early and harsh environment of the early days of settlement on Kangaroo Island.

The Party’s Over by Richard Heinberg

The subtitle of this book is Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies. Whilst the book starting with a lot of facts and historical information which made for a bit of a slog in reading it slowly built into a scary scenario. The world cannot sustain its current population projectory. Natural resources are finite. Think Oil, Gas, Coal etc. We currently have a world population of around 7.7 billion people. We can sustain long term about 2 billion. Probably the scariest part of the book is the fact it was written in 2003 and updated in 2005, almost 20 years ago. We should all be alarmed at what sort of world are we leaving our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

The River Flows by Rob Linn

This is the history of The town of Mannum on the River Murray. Published in 1997 I picked it up at the towns Information Centre/ Museum. The river still plays an integral part of daily life in Mannum like it did when the river town was established. Pleasure craft have replaced the goods trade along the river but the town has managed to grow and adapt to changing times and fortunes. Tourism is now the main industry.

2 thoughts on “Stats January 2022

  1. Hi Ray,
    What is WordPress. com do I have to pay to read your blog.


    1. WordPress is just a platform. You can “sign up” And read blogs, mine and others for free. There is a paid version of WordPress but entirely optional.


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