Stats December 2021

Total Days Travelled 31 (1064)

Total km for the month 2,078 (55,272)
Most km in a day 299 (447)
Average Daily Km 67 (52)
Monthly Budget $2,000 ($74,500)
Monthly Spend $3,561 ($72,971)
Accommodation Nights 31 (1064)
Family/Friends 0 (433)
Low/No cost 22 (295)
National Parks 0 (7)
Caravan Parks 8 (154)
Showgrounds 1 (35)
Station Stays 0 (1)
Pub Stays 0 (29)
Motel 0 (6)
House Sit 0 (56) Nature Park 0 (46) AirBnb 0 (2)

Books Read 6 (126)

Siren by Tara Moss

I felt this one had a bit of a slow and disjointed start but slowly it took traction and became quite a compelling read. You weren’t quite sure of how it would end right up to the last chapter. Surprising and interesting and enjoyable.

Hear The Train Blow by Patsy Adam-Smith

A childhood account of growing up in the far flung end of the line places around Victoria where her father worked on the railways and her mother was Station Mistress. Relatable with some of my own childhood memories and that of my parents and grandparents in an era of simplicity, where less was more and growing up was done at a leisurely pace. The book became an Australian classic.

The Harry Butler Story compiled by District Council of Minlaton

I picked this booklet up from the Visitors Centre at Minlaton on the Yorke Peninsula. Harry Butler AFC was a local farm boy who was a pioneer aviator in Australia and after serving in The Royal Flying Corps in WW1 he returned to South Australia to fly the first Air Mail across water from Adelaide to Minlaton in 1919. Great reading of local aviation history.

Farming Yorke Peninsular compiled by Dept of Sustainability and Yorke Peninsula Visitor Information Centre Minlaton

Another one I picked up in Minlaton. A lot of statistics but still a good history lesson on farming in general but specifically as it impacted on the Yorke Peninsula. Farm life in the early years was hard work everywhere but each geographic area has differing experiences and obstacles to overcome. Having been to an area these types of books give a better meaning to my visits to any given area.

When She Was Good by Michael Robotham

This guy can write. A very powerful storyline. Dark but leaving the details to the imagination. Sadly the truth of the storyline is still real in this day and age where some people are seemingly above the law and untouchable. Karma is also real and even when you think the bad guy will win as you almost reach the end of the book with only sentences to go, somehow, the author finds a second wind to manipulate an ending that whilst still leaving the reader satisfied, there are many more questions than answers.

Flinders The Man That Mapped Australia by Rob Mundle

This book was a Christmas present from Claire and was brought at Cape Willoughby Lighthouse on Kangaroo Island. What a fantastic story! Growing up I wasn’t very much interested in history at school and going to school on the East Coast of Australia I only recall learning about Captain Janes Cook in any detail. As a stamp collector in the 1970’s I remember the $1 Matthew Flinders stamp but that was about the extent. As I am travelling around South Australian have come to appreciate the amount of places and landmarks that were named by Flinders. In fact there are more than twice S many landmarks attributed to Flinders than to Cook. This book is one of the best history books I have ever read and I thoroughly enjoyed learning of his amazing life. For such a young man he made such an impact on the world through his seafaring adventures and his navigational abilities were second to none. If you have any interest in Australian history than this is an exceptional read. Top marks!

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