Bucket List #54 Visit Australian War Memorial Canberra ACT

This is a must do on any visit to Canberra. Again with Covid conditions you have to book in advance but it is still free. You get a 3 hour time slot so I did the morning one. This gives you the opportunity to look through both the WW1 and WW2 sections. They are very comprehensive and some of the stories are very moving. The sheer numbers are what really hits you. Whilst I have been to tens of museums and monuments throughout the country with various dedications to those that served our country, this would be by far the most comprehensive as you would expect.

The 3 hour time frame wasn’t quite long enough but I was able to cover most displays. After my allocated time was up I visited Poppy’s Cafe and then I was booked on an afternoon visit to the building at the rear which housed a number of aeroplanes and displays. Here they had 3 seperate videos of different events. The first was on 2 huge screens about the “G for George” Lancaster Bomber . The actual plane is on display. One of the other videos was on the Japanese midget submarines that entered Sydney Harbour during WW2.

One of the many dedications on the walk up to the War Museum
Looking back towards Parlimemt House

Lest we forget

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