Bucket List #51 See Utes in the Paddock at Condobolin NSW

When I picked my 100 for my Bucket List this was Utes in the Paddock at Ootha. I learnt a little while ago that they had moved but I wasn’t sure why. When I visited Condobolin’s Museum I was told that the owners of the property near Ootha where the Utes were situated had sold the property and the new owners were not keen of having the responsibility of housing what was steadily becoming a popular tourist attraction. To its credit the local shire was keen to promote tourism and so purchased the parcel of land opposite the race course in Condobolin to house the displays. The displays had worn a bit over the years and the Shire invited the original artists to “spruce them up”. Some artists repainted theirs while others chose not to so the end result is a mix of colourful and dulled. They are looking to add to the collection. It has so much potential and will improve over time. Adjacent is a memorial wall to jockeys who have been killed in race falls since the 1860’s

I won’t say Utes in the Paddock is a must see. The Tin Horse Highway near Kulin in Western Australia is better in my view but the Utes is a draw card to Condoblin and the town has much to offer the visitor.

Memorial Wall to Fallen Jockeys

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