Bucket List #50 Spend a night at Tottenham NSW

Half way through my Bucket List!

Tottenham is the town closest to the Geographical Centre of New South Wales. The Cairn for the centre is situated 34km from town.

I worked in Tottenham in about 1979 and it was good to come back here. The town is situated on The Bogan Way, south of Nyngan and 53km north of Tullamore.The town is pretty much how I remembered it. I parked in the Main Street just down from the Police Station and quickly found where the old bank used to be. All the signage has been pulled down and the branch now closed. I knew the place I stayed at while I was here was nearby and yes it was only about 300 metres away around the next corner. While I was working here for a month I stayed at “The Manse”. It was next door to St Marks Anglican Church. The Minister used to come from a nearby town to hold the church service here and he would always wander over to say hello and have a chat after the service. The Manse is now fenced off and a private residence while the Church doesn’t look like it hosts any services there anymore.

With a population of about 320 there are not many shops left in town. There is a supermarket and a newsagent/post office. Of course the Tottenham Hotel is still a focal point on the corner of the main intersection in town.

When I worked here they had a social lawn bowls night and it was my first game of bowls and I remember it being a fun night. I was only about 20 years of age and I always thought bowls was for “old people” as my grandmother was an avid bowler. So I decided that being a Friday night I would try the bowling club again. Not to play bowls but to have a drink and dinner. Both were enjoyable. The place was pretty quiet considering it was a Friday but the people there were friendly enough and I joined in the meat tray raffles but lucked out on winning anything.

New Signage
When the town doesn’t have a big population it looks better if you include the whole district.
Tottenham Hotel an impressive 2 storey building.
The old CBC Bank premises closed as a NAB branch some times ago.
The Manse and St Marks Church
Grain silos on edge of town

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