2 Year Review

I have been living my dream now for 2 years and some interesting statistics are emerging. The good news I am under budget. Just!

My total Fuel bill has been $7,161 or $69 per week. The average cost of fuel has been $142.2 cents per litre. The most expensive fuel was $202.4cpl at Barklay Homestead in Northern Territory. The cheapest was at Home Hill Queensland at $108.9cpl. I have travelled a total of 33,159km in Rhonda. I am averaging 45km per day.

2 years equals 731 night on the road. 35% has been spent at family and friends places. 28% has been at Low cost or No cost Campsites. This includes designated campsites or rest areas and also just on the side of roads. 15% has been at Official Caravan Parks and 22% at “other”. This includes Pub Stays, Showgrounds, House sits etc. My average weekly spend on accommodation is $50.

My total weekly budget is $500 per week. This includes regular maintenance, rego, insurance etc. I am slightly under my overall budget. My food and alcohol budget is $155pw and actual is $150pw. Within this my grocery bill is down but dining out and alcohol spend is slightly up.

I have read 195 books since I left Collie WA at an average of just under a book per week.

Favorite places? I have been to so many great places that it really is hard to single any out but if push comes to shove I would name Kununurra in Western Australia, Daly River in Northern Territory, Karumba in Queensland and the jury is still out on New South Wales where I currently am.

Favorite experiences? That’s even harder. With a Bucket List of 100 and being nearly half way through I would have to say my time on the cattle station out of Winton ranks in the top three. Lake Argyle is up there as was the lap of Mt Panorama at Bathurst.

I have met so many wonderful like minded travelers along the way. Visiting new towns and seeing new places is memorable but it is the people you meet that gives life meaning. By the same token catching up with old friends, some from my past working life, some from high school days and some even from primary school days has breathed life back into me and has made this trip so special.

As I write this I have a mechanical issue that needs attending to. I am waiting to source the part and then get it fixed and I will be on my way again. In the meantime I am fortunate to be enjoying the hospitality of a cousin and his family on a farm outside Finley in The Riverina area of southern New South Wales.

3 thoughts on “2 Year Review

  1. Sharlene. Alexander February 4, 2021 — 10:47 am

    My hubby and i will do this while he is still healthy … we are on a pension we dont drink or smoke is this enough to travel on it worrys me a bit i could work if i need to for any info to set my mind at ease he has just done up a coaster bus the way we wanted it simple but liveable thanking you sharlene


    1. You will be fine Sharlene. As long as you have a bit of reserve for mechanical issues. A lot of people travel on the pension. Just move when you fill the tank. Travelling full time is doable on any budget. You just need to match lifestyle with the $’s you have. Plenty of free camps everywhere. If interested there is plenty of housesitting opportunities around. Also plenty of work available if you need to. I say go for it. You won’t regret it. Happy to answer any questions you have. Just pm me. Hope to see you out there somewhere.


  2. Once again a great read. Finley is a great place to be stuck, what is wrong with Rhonda. Interesting to see you have travelled 33000 odd kms in 2 years and we did 8000 in two weeks.
    Keep living the dream.


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