Bucket List #43 Visit The Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey NSW

I have long been a fan of country music and there is no one that personifies country music in Australia than Slim Dusty. He is a true legend. Covid has meant the Centre has been closed for a long time and I was lucky that it had only just reopened the day before my visit. How lucky was that?

Word hadn’t got out that it had reopened so I was lucky that the centre was fairly quiet which made it great for absorbing all the information and listening to the recordings and the videos.

All Slim’s golden guitars are on display as well as his gold and platinum records. Even the car and caravan he and wife Joy toured Australia in bringing music to the people was on display.

There is also an art gallery within the centre which is situated just off the M1 Motorway at South Kempsey.

Anyone who appreciates music, appreciates country music, or appreciates Australian history will love this place. It has been tastefully designed and I recommend anyone to spend a couple of hours here. Under $20 entry fee.

Should have gone to Specsavers
That’s better!
One of the reasons that Slim Dusty was so popular is that he didn’t just record his music in a recording studio. He took his music out to where the people were. He continually toured Australia for 23 years living in a caravan and playing in outback halls and makeshift stages or on cattle stations. He wasn’t interested in the big city venues. He wanted to play in front of real people. The people and places that he mostly sang about.

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