Border to Ballina NSW

After entering New South Wales through Mungindi I travelled south down to Moree (see Bucket List #33). Moree was a much larger town than I expected with heaps of shops. I had a wander around town before checking into the caravan park for a couple of nights.

After enjoying the thermal pools I headed north to Boggabilla (see Bucket List #34). Boggabilla is just inside the New South Wales border with Goondawindi being its larger Queensland sister town. From here I headed to the village of Yetman where I found an interesting mural on the side of the General Store/Post Office/Cafe. From here I travelled down to Ashford and out to Pindari Dam where I stayed overnight with friends. He looks after the maintenance of that dam and they also have a couple of bush blocks in the vicinity and he took me for a look over both properties as well as around the dam. Due to droughts over the previous few years the dam is currently down to only 15% capacity. The dam provides irrigation and household needs in the Border Rivers Valley. It is also a popular dam for water sports and fishing with large areas for free camping.

After Pindari Dam I headed south to Inverell where I wandered around town looking for the old CBC Bank where I worked for a short period of time in the late ’70’s. From here it was through Glen Innes where I had a look through the National Transport Museum before heading on to Tenterfield (see Bucket List #35) for a few days. The National Transport Museum was very interesting and was worth an hour or so even if cars are not necessarily your thing.

After a few days in Tenterfield I crossed the Great Dividing Range and down into Tabulam where I camped for a few days. This is a very picturesque area and although dry, it is very green. I managed to get a couple of games of golf in and did a bit of bush walking before moving on to Casino and Lismore. Whilst I had lived and worked in Lismore before, I hadn’t really stopped in Casino before so it was good to have a look around the town. It is the regional hub of a very large cattle industry and the town positions itself as the “Beef Capital of Australia”. One of the Wiggles, Jeff Fatt was born in Casino.

While I was in the Lismore area I had Rhonda serviced and a couple of things seen to and caught up with friends in Alstonville and Modanville. I had a trip down to Lake Ainsworth (see Bucket List #36) one evening and after a few days in the Lismore area I then headed down the coast to Ballina where my southbound travels ceased some 9 months ago to have a swim (see Bucket List #37).

Finally safe to enter New South Wales
Its been over 20 months but I finally got up enough speed to pass another vehicle
Fun mural on side of general store at Yetman
Old Theatre at Ashford
Camping area at Pindari Dam
Water hole on friends property at Pindari Dam
National Transport Museum at Inverell
View from top of Bald Rock, north of Tenterfield
Camping at Tabulam
Campsite at Tabulam
Brahman Bull scratching himself on a tree
Casino. Beef Capital of Australia
Lismore NSW

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