Bucket List #33 Relax in Thermal Pools at Moree NSW

There are a number of Artesian Thermal Pools dotted around the countryside. I had heard about the ones at Moree so was interested to do a visit. I chose to stay at the Gwydir Carapark Thermal Pools on the Newell Highway in Moree, It boasted the use of 4 onsite pools and an additional one at a nearby Caravan Park also owned by them. Three of the pools were temperature controlled to 35, 37 and 39 degrees respectively. The fourth larger pool was a cold water pool though “cold” meant “warm”. It was very relaxing. Although there were a lot of people at the park and in the pool area, each pool was not crowded. It was easy to laze the day away in and out of the pools. They were open from 7am until 10pm. It felt similar to being in a spa without the jets or the bubbles. I found myself mainly sitting in front of one of the inlet jets. Not strong but enough to be of benefit to the lower back aches and pains.

The park was the dearest I have paid for an unpowered site ($30pn) but when you factor in the use of the pools it was worth the two nights I stayed here. Many people make it a yearly pilgrimage. I spoke to a lady who said she had been going there for 35 years. In that time she said regulations including the council mandated use of chlorine had diluted the therapeutic benefits of the pools but nonetheless they were an enjoyable experience

37 degrees Artesian Pool

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