Bucket List #31 Visit Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame QLD

This was a real highlight for me and a full day experience. The Museum is open between 10am and 3pm and it takes pretty much the whole time to see, read and absorb everything on offer. There is a 23 minute film that is comprehensive on giving an overview of what it is to be a stockman and the past lives of droving in the harsh outback.

There are multiple levels to the huge building with storyboards about individuals who pioneered the outback, worked the land and who contributed to the fabric of life in outback Australia. It was fascinating to read all of the stories. Most of the people of course I had never heard of but there were a number of names that were familiar through my reading and visiting different places in the north of our country. There were also numerous videos and exhibitions and museum pieces.

In the grounds outside were dedications and memorials to outback pioneers. Some parts of the Stockmans Hall of Fame were not operational due to Covid restrictions. The Museum closed the day after we visited so I was very lucky to be able to get to see it as many who just turned up in town without booking were left disappointed. They were closing for renovations which I guess were locked in well before they knew that the tourist season would be extended beyond the normal season. The Film is still able to be seen in the “off” season and worth it on its own.

Its hard to explain why I liked this place so much but after travelling through Station Country, reading local histories, in the Kimberley, Northern Territory and Queensland this place was the pinnacle of my interest in droving and the stories of those pioneers.

The $32 entry fee was extremely good value for money.

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