Bucket List #27 Spend a night or 3 at Wuruma Dam Qld

Spend a night or 3 at Wuruma Dam Qld (BL91)

I put Wuruma Dam on my list through a recommendation. It is a great spot. Up until a few months ago you could camp on the waters edge (much like Lake Proserpine) but the powers that be have changed the rules now and camping is now only allowed in the designated area up on the hill, several hundred metres from the waters edge and a long way from the boat ramp. Comments I have read have stated that it has now “lost it’s appeal” and “disappointing”. I can’t comment on what it was like before but to my mind it is a very enjoyable and relaxing place to be. There are still excellent water views available from the hill.

Wuruma Dam is situated 47km from Eidsvold, the closest sizeable town. It is a popular place for fishing and water sports. The dam has a total capacity of 165,00 mega litres and is currently (March 2020) 62% full.

There were probably 20 vans/set ups there when I arrived. Most had boats of some description. Its a pleasant place to stay and well worth the drive out.

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