Bucket List #26 Watch the sunrise at Byron Bay NSW

Watch the sunrise at Byron Bay NSW (BL94)

The most easterly point in Australia is Byron Bay in New South Wales so hence this being on my bucket list. Living in the West we see some pretty spectacular sunsets so I was determined to get a good sunrise shot.

Byron Bay is well known for being RV Unfriendly. The local government treat travellers, be they grey nomads, families or back packers with complete disdain. They don’t do much for their residents either. The roads in the shire are some of the worst in Australia. Just about everywhere is paid parking and as expensive as it is to park in any capital CBD. When I searched for a caravan park to stay I was looking above $70 per night. $140 per couple. Absolutely ridiculous. Not even school holiday time. Needless to say I wasn’t going to pay that much so I found a spot out of the way and arose early to drive to one of the few streets where I could park without restriction while I walked up to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. Many streets have No Parking signs from 1am to 6am.

The 3km walk up to the lighthouse was undertaken in the dark. I have a good strong torch and this came in very handy as the path is not all that well signposted. In fact I think I took a detour on the way up as it was 3km up and only 2.7km on the return leg. The walk was pleasant enough although calf muscles were sore afterwards due to the amount of stairs. I was actually the first person up at the lighthouse, arriving well over an hour before first light.

It was a clear morning, well a little cloud, which always makes the sunrise or sunset look so much better. By the time the sun rose at 6.38am (AEDST) there was quite a crowd there. I found out afterwards that there is a shuttle bus service going up but not a return bus. The walk back down was fantastic of course as I could see things on the way back.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Looking over the town of Byron Bay
Cape Byron Lighthouse pre dawn
And then there were many
The very tip
First light
A new day begins
To quote the late great John Denver, Sunshine on the water looks so lovely.
Stairway to the Sun
Main Beach at Byron Bay NSW
The walk up and back to Lighthouse

1 thought on “Bucket List #26 Watch the sunrise at Byron Bay NSW

  1. Well done….great description x


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