Bucket List #19 Cedar Creek Falls

See Cedar Creek Falls (BL96)

This was my first disappointment of a Bucket Item. It was a total fail. It wasn’t the Falls fault. It was poor timing. The Falls weren’t flowing. No water means no waterfall.

Situated near Proserpine and close to Airlie Beach, Cedar Creek Falls is very accessible and is situated only metres from the carpark which is the end of a sealed road.

The joke may be on me as I put Cedar Creek Falls on my list through a recommendation. It may be that I went to the wrong falls! Who would have thought there are 2 Cedar Creek Falls in Queensland? Not me. There is also a Cedar Creek Falls in the Mt Tambourine National Park in the south of the state so maybe that is the one that I was meant to see. A visit to Mt Tambourine is on my Bucket List as well so I might just get to see The Cedar Creek Falls fall.

Cedar Creek (Not) Falls

1 thought on “Bucket List #19 Cedar Creek Falls

  1. At least you didn’t go too far out of your way then.
    I don’t think you’ll see any water in the Tambourine falls either.


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