Bucket List #14 Paddle a canoe on Lake Barrine Qld

Paddle a Canoe on Lake Barrine Qld (BL85)

Sometimes I wonder about what I am thinking at times!

Paddling a canoe on Lake Barrine. Seriously? Firstly I don’t own a canoe and secondly they are not for hire at Lake Barrine or anywhere nearby. So as a bucket list item I guess it is a fail right? Not necessarily so.

It was a pleasant drive out from Atherton and I went via Lake Eucham. Had a couple of rainy days so sitting inside the Lake Barrine Teahouse having a cup of tea with homemade scones and jam was a much better idea anyway. The Teahouse was busy – it probably normally is, but not too crowded that you couldn’t suck up the ambience.

It was quite tranquil watches several families of ducks navigate the lake. The circumference of the lake is just under 5km but as it was raining I opted not to do the walk.

If you are up this way I recommend calling in here around morning or afternoon tea time.

Tea House Lake Barrine
Lake Barrine
Lake Barrine
Lake Barrine

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