Stats August 2019

Well I blew the budget this month. What with the repairs to Rhonda and paying for flight back to Perth for the first time I am over budget. I had budgeted for one trip back per year so it will pan out over time. Repairs cant be avoided. After spending a small fortune on Rhonda before I left I thought I may have got a bit further down the road before any big ticket repairs but hey, that’s life on the road. It worked out cheaper than painting the house back home so I can’t complain.

Total Km for month 2,698 (11,856) Most km in a day 298 (298) Average Daily km 87 (56)

Monthly Budget $2,000 ($15,000) Monthly spend $5,184 ($18,269)

Accommodation Nights 31 (211) Family/Friends 0 (76) Low/No Cost 17 (82) National Parks 0 (4) Caravan Park 24 (32) Showground 6 (12) Station Stay 0 (1) Pub Stay 4 (4)

Books read 6 (29)

Papillon by Henri Charriere

I saw the movie starring Steve McQueen many years ago but this book was a next level, captivating read. Stuck in a penal system for 13 years for a murder he didn’t commit, Henri, known as Papillon, attempted escape 13 times. One of the greatest adventure stories ever told, a rye tale of courage, resilience and an unbreakable will. Over 500 pages in an unforgettable read.

Injustice by Kirstyn Austin and Janet Fife-Yeomans

As a young girl, Kirstyn Austin was brutally attacked on the Central Coast of NSW in 1986. Her attacker, out on parole at the time, was a career criminal and following death threats that he made within prison walls, Kirstyn and her mother spent 11 years in witness protection. A sad tale leaving you wondering why it is that it is the victim that ends up serving the life sentence.

Raparapa edited by Paul Marshall

Nine Aboriginal men tell their stories of life as drovers around Fitzroy River region in the Kimberley. Without these men working the cattle stations in the 1930’s-1960’s, most of which was totally unpaid work, the cattle industry would not where it is today. An important reminder of our Australian history. If only we could learn from our past!

We of the Never Never by Aeneas Gunn

Considered a classic, it tells the story of life at Elsey Station, Mataranka, NT in 1902 when the writer, the first white women to come to the station, arrives at Elsey as “The Little Missus” of Maluka, the newly appointed manager. Hardship, trials, guts, determination, sadness, joy, wet season, dry season, laughter and heartache. All packed into just one year.

Emergencies Only by Amanda McClelland

Amanda’s career began as a nurse in Alice Spring before she headed overseas to work in the humanitarian aid area for global organizations like Concern and Red Cross. From responding to the tsunami in Aceh, fighting famine in sub-Saharan Africa, facing kidnapping in in the war torn Mogadishu, to heading up Red Cross’s West Africa Ebola response, Amanda tells it like it was, giving first hand accounts of devastation and tragedy, but in a compassionate and humorous way. The human stories behind the headlines.

Twisted by Lynda La Plante

Decided to read a novel for a change and Wow! How do people dream up this stuff? It was actually an intriguing read. Aptly named, it consisted of twists and turns at every one of the 43 chapters. Husband, wife and a missing child. A crime novel like no other.

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